The main objective of RESLAG project is to valorise the steel slag that is currently not being recycled (right now it is partially landfilled and partially stored in the steel factories) and reuse it as a raw material for 4 innovative applications that contribute to a circular economy in the steel sector with an additional cross-sectorial approach. These applications will be demonstrated at pilot level and led by end-user industries. Altogether open enormously the range of possibilities of taking profit from slag not only for the steel sector but also for many other sectors.

Specific targets for different priority areas are also envisaged, such as:

  • 25% of reduction of landfilled and self-stored steel slag.
  • 10%-20% reduction of energy consumption by Thermal Energy Storage applied to EAF off-gas.
  • 40-71 kg of CO2 reduction per ton of produced steel.
  • 20% reduction of primary raw material.
  • To demonstrate technically and economically the viability of the RESLAG cross‑sectorial scheme.
  • To demonstrate the technical and economic sustainability of RESLAG scheme by Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and Life cycle Costing (LCC).
  • To assure the maximum replication of solutions.
  • Provide an ICT tool for steelmaking slag mapping to facilitate producer-end user connections.
  • To contribute to a close to zero waste and resource-efficient Steel Sector.
  • To improve competitiveness and cost-effectiveness of energy intensive industries and other industrial sectors.
  • To create new employments at EU level.