EUROSLAG, is the European association of organizations and companies concerned with all aspects of slag products

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 Since its foundation, the association has promoted the exchange of knowledge between slag producers and processors from different countries.

Around 22 million tonnes of slag are generated each year by the European steel industry. A quarter is not recycled and ends up in storage or in a landfill, causing a major environmental impact. With the firm intention to promote and develop the utilisation of ferrous slag as a by-product in different areas and applications, the European Slag Association (EUROSLAG) was created.

Its creation was driven by the cooperation between 12 European countries over 7 years (1993-2000). In addition to the exchange of knowledge between slag producers and processors from different countries, some of EUROSLAG’s main objectives are:

o          To ensure that the slag-derived products are manufactured in accordance with the best possible processes.

o       To coordinate technical, research, and development working groups on the processing and use of slag.

o       To provide a coordinated approach to European standardisation.

At RESLAG we are aligned with many of the objectives of EUROSLAG. In fact, we fully share some of their objectives, such as the need to coordinate working groups and the importance of bringing together people from the supply and industry sector to promote a better understanding of slag and its benefits. In particular, the slag recycling technologies developed at RESLAG will be tested at an industrial pilot scale and monitored by first-class end users.

RESLAG is a European project involving 19 partners from 8 different countries that seeks solutions for the slag revalorisation through 4 alternative and eco-innovative industrial applications.


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