Marjaana Karthu gave a presentation in the “5th International Slag Valorisation Symposium”

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The symposium was organized by KU Leuven, Department of Materials Engineering (MTM), High Temperature Processes and Industrial Ecology (HiTemp), Centre for High Temperature Processes and Sustainable Materials Management.

Our Partner Marjaana Karthu (From VTT) kept presentation of Reslag project achievements in pilot 4 “Characterization of steel industry slag suitability as raw materials for refractory castables” in front of 250 people.

The International Slag Valorisation Symposium has become one of the benchmarks in the domain of slag engineering and zero-waste slag valorisation. It aims to contribute towards near zero-waste processing and closed material loops by offering to researchers and industrial actors the opportunity to share knowledge and critically discuss the challenges and opportunities in the field of slag valorisation and by being a fertile ground for new collaboration.


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