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RESLAG-MARKET, the Tool to Find and Offer Slag Across Europe

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  • We interviewed Klemens Nothacker, technical manager of the virtual portal created by RESLAG for the purchase and sale of this steelworks’ waste


With the aim of enabling any company or organisation to request and/or provide detailed information on the quantity, type and exact location of the slag it wants to buy or sell, RESLAG has created  RESLAG-MARKET (, an easy-to-use tool that also makes it possible to trace the waste flows of European steelworks.

All that is required is to create an account to become part of this European virtual slag community and explore both commercial offers as well as requests for the waste.

Klemens Nothacker, technical manager of the tool, tells us what were the drivers behind its development.

QUESTION. What motivated you to open the RESLAG-MARKET service at the time? Which were the main drivers?

ANSWER. Our ICT tool maps waste streams from steel industries and provides offers to as well as requests from end users. It is a European waste traceability solution for the metal, energy-intensive, CSP and refractory industries. You can create your own account and become part of the European slag community and request and provide detailed information on the amount, type and location of the slag desired and offered. So we are excited to announce the release of the RESLAG MARKET website and we are looking forward to bring RESLAG MARKET to life.

Q. Are the expectations under which it was created being met? 

A. Regarding the preparation of the technical concept and the programming of the front end and back end we collaborated with an appropriate web-developer. The ICT tool RESLAG MARKET is a web-application that lives entirely in the browser. Once the user is logged in, he has access to the full functionality of the ICT tool.

The European steel industry generates approximately 20 million tonnes of slag per year. A quarter of it is not recycled, causing a significant environmental impact. RESLAG’s goal is to convert this slag into useful, value-generating material through four eco-innovative research lines.



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