The 3rd follow up meeting of the RESLAG project was hosted by Renotech Oy and VTT on the 29th and 30th of March in Turku (Finland)

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The project, coordinated by the Energy Cooperative Research Centre (CIC ENERGIGUNE) located in Vitoria, Spain, follows the full development of four different by product valorization technologies for one of the main European industrial waste: electric arc furnace steel slag. The proposed valorization strategies include a wide industrial scope, demonstrating the feasibility of the innovative valorization solutions beyond the current state of the art. The mentioned technologies will be developed in a pre-industrial pilot scale by means of the construction of the corresponding demonstration facilities on each industrial application summarized below:

  • Pilot 1: Slag as feedstock to extract high added value metals such as Fe, Mn and Cr.
  • Pilot 2: Slag as heat storage material for waste heat recovery in industrial processes, customized for the steelmaking environment
  • Pilot 3: Slag as thermal energy storage material for Concentrated Solar Power applications.
  • Pilot 4: Slag used as feedstock to create new processes for the production of refractory materials and ceramics.

During the last March 29th  and 30th the last technical advances and milestones reached on the RESLAG project were discussed in detail. This general project meeting hosted by Renotech, partner of the project and expert on pilot 4 involved activities, exhibited an important step forward on the goals of RESLAG. In this occasion, coinciding with approximately the half of execution of the project, in addition to the presence of the complete project consortium (19 EU partners), the meeting counted with the active participation of the members of the Advisory Board of the project conformed by first line multinational companies, such as Urbaser, TORRECID, Edertek and Befesa. The specific knowledge of these companies was of particular relevance in order to share a common vision and the identification of synergies with their particular market activities and the RESLAG project. Overall, this participation represented a crucial added value for the interests of the project guaranteeing a successful exploitation strategy.

During the second day of the meeting, the complete consortium together with the Advisory Board members had the opportunity to visit the facilities of Renotech Oy R&D group located at the Smart Chemistry Park in Raisio. After a detailed overview of the activities developed by this company, a technical visit was held to show the technology under development for the manufacturing of refractory materials based on steel slag (pilot 4). The proposed approach is to maximise the amount of by-products in raw material mixtures for castable insulating refractories. In the following months, the viability of the application will be tested as close as possible to the industrial reality.

Overall, all the presented activities showed a huge potential of the technologies being developed in the RESLAG project. All the basic concepts proposed are currently under construction to show the real feasibility of the proposed innovative valorization strategies. This potential will be experimentally demonstrated in the following project execution period, ensuring the expected technical impact of the introduced innovations.


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