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TORRECID contributes to the industrial fit of the applications developed at RESLAG.

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  • Interview with Carlos Concepcion Heydorn, researcher from TORRECID.The Spanish business group, is member of the Advisory Board to the European project, values the fact that the technologies being researched show “high viability for their industrial implementation.” 

TORRECID supplies products and solutions to the ceramic and glass sectors.  Present in 27 countries and with customers in more than 130, the company is headquartered in Alcora (Castellón, Spain).  This business group is member of the Advisory Board of RESLAG, mainly interested in one of the four revalorization strategies for steel slag that is being developed within RESLAG: To develop a ‘processing route’ to convert slag from the steelworks into raw material for refractory ceramics.


QUESTION. What is your assessment of the project? What aspects of it would you highlight the most? 

ANSWER. Torrecid is quite impressed about the targets and technologies addressed in RESLAG covering retrofitting solutions from the point of view of materials, like refractories over to heat recovery solutions and overall use of cost effective materials.

Q. What exactly is your role as a member of the Advisory Board in the RESLAG Project? 

A. Torrecid, a multinational company active in the ceramics and glass sector, holds expertise in melting frits and sintering ceramic pigments. Torrecid contribution as a member of the Advisory Board consists in providing an industrial point of view in terms of application of technology, provide foreground for transfer  of retrofitting solutions developed in RESLAG to other industrial sectors, and lastly, to identify opportunities.

Q. Are your expectations being met? 

A. Yes, the technologies developed towards resource efficient industrial processes presented in RESLAG are in line with the current needs of Ceramic and glass industry, and we consider the approaches presented in RESLAG to have high feasibility for industrial implementation.

Q. What is your assessment of the European policies outlined in recent years that have set the reduction of energy consumption and of waste generation in industrial processes as a strategic objective?

A. Commitment of European policies focused on energy reduction, cleaner technologies are in line with industry requirements, both in terms of economical optimization, and social commitment. As an industry active worldwide and present in over six European Countries, Torrecid welcomes such framework where close collaboration between the industry, research centres, and equipment suppliers allows us all to address novel technologies. This is in line with Torrecid policies to bring about the change through global leadership in innovation to generate new solutions.



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